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Platform-independent, Java-based Access to
MS Windows Terminal Servers

HOBLink JWT is a platform-independent, Java-based solution for accessing MS Windows Terminal Servers. It makes business-critical data in Windows-based applications available to all users, regardless of the type of hardware or operating system they are using.

Server-based computing – since the advent of the Windows Terminal Server (WTS), the world of Windows has also enjoyed the benefits of accessing applications residing on a central server. HOBLink JWT is the innovative solution for accessing WTS that goes a step further: Central installation and administration through Java technology. When used in combination with HOBLink Secure, our Java Windows Terminal also offers you the most secure Terminal Server access available on the market.


HOBLink JWT for Apple / Macs

HOBLink JWT EA - Central User Administration

Download "Getting Started"  (143 KB, PDF format)



HOBLink JWT has been tested by VeriTest and is now certified as "Designed for Windows XP"!

Product Highlights

Reduce TCO, Protect Your Investment

As a platform-independent solution, HOBLink JWT lets you use the entire range of Windows applications running on the Windows Terminal Server, regardless of how the client computer is equipped. By centrally installing and managing all the Windows applications as well as HOBLink JWT itself, you can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.

Data Security

Secure data communication with the WTS is a must – HOBLink Secure (optional) gives you strong encryption (SSL up to 256-bit) and authentication. Further information is available under HOBLink Secure

Single Point of Administration: HOB Enterprise Access

By using HOBLink JWT with HOB Enterprise Access, the administrator can centrally manage all user and configuration data. The users are represented in a group and tree structure, considerably simplifying administration, especially if numerous users are to be installed. Via the LDAP interface, HOB Enterprise Access supports all the important directory services, e.g. Novell NDS and Microsoft ADS. 

Enhanced Local Drive Mapping

Access to local drives is provided by HOBLink JWT's enhanced Local Drive Mapping feature. This solution supports more than just local hard drives and partitions, local CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and mobile storage media (as far as they are supported and known by the local system): It supports all storage media that can be assigned a drive letter. The administrator can map subfolders and set write and read access rights for individual drives and sub-folders as well as combine rules for rights, giving each rule a specific priority. Additionally, he can restrict access to specific file types or to files with specific byte patterns.

True Windows

"True Windows" allows you to completely integrate remote applications in your local desktop. The user notices no difference whatsoever between locally installed and Windows Terminal Server applications. Even application-specific tray icons are displayed on the client. To save resources, session sharing is supported, i.e., several Windows Terminal Server applications on a singer server all belong to a single session. With the true Windows application manager, all applications used in the Windows Terminal Server farm can be displayed and, if desired, immediately terminated, just as with the Windows Task Manager.

True Windows Agent

If the True Windows Agent is installed locally on the client and Local Drive Mapping has been made available, the user only needs to double-click a file to start the corresponding application on the Windows Terminal Server.  The user can then work on the file using the application on the Windows Terminal Server.

True Windows Application Manager

Authorized users can start or stop Windows Terminal Server applications or, as with the local Task Manager, "terminate" them.

Bidirectional Audio

Bidirectional audio between a local machine equipped with, e.g., a Philips SpeechMike or other microphone and the WTS applications is fully supported.

64-Bit Windows Support

Windows Server 2003 is supported in both the x64 as well as the Itanium versions. Parallel operation of 32- and 64-bit applications on the WTS, also when using True Windows, is possible.

Virtual Channel Support

Virtual channel support enables third party applications to communicate with the WTS over the RDP connection. Additionally, specified channels can be prioritized.

Virus Protection

Data being copied from a local drive to the Terminal Server can be automatically inspected with a virus scanner, safeguarding against virus infections.


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Universal Printer Support

Easy Print
This function (printing on local or network printers via PCL) gives you support for virtually any printer on the market, without having to install the driver for each printer on the WTS. Print data is processed on the server using standard drivers and converted by HOBLink JWT for output on a local or network printer. You cut administration to a minimum and avoid hassles with unstable drivers on your WTS!
In version 3.1, the Easy Print function has been further improved and expanded. The local system's standard printer can be used as the default. This way, the select printer dialog does not appear every time you print. Easy Print can now also be used under Mac OS X.

Extensive local print support
Allows printing to local (or network) printers via drivers on the WTS.  Here, the quality and reliability of the printing depends on the printers installed on the Terminal Server.

LPR/LPD print support
HOBLink JWT acts as a Line Printer Requester and can print the data stream of the WTS via a server designated as a Line Printer Daemon.

IP print
Here, the print data stream is forwarded over HOBLink JWT directly to a port.

Automatic printer mapping
Locally installed printers are recognized and automatically created in the Terminal Server session (Windows platforms only).

Application Publishing

This optional feature allows administrators to publish applications centrally from the Windows Terminal Server, making them available to every user. Users of HOBLink JWT can connect directly to published applications and do not have to specify the name of the Terminal Server. With this feature, it is not necessary to configure each Windows Terminal Server within a server farm identically. The Application Publishing Manager (below), which is installed as a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), lets you publish applications quickly and easily.

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Since many enterprises use firewalls to provide extra protection for their Windows Terminal Servers, they usually want to limit access to their servers by opening just one firewall port. Unfortunately, when encryption, application publishing and load balancing are needed in addition to the RDP session, more than one port must normally be used (UDP, TCP/IP), opening a sizeable security hole in the solution. For this reason, HOB developed the WebSecureProxy, a component of the HOBLink Secure security software, which combines these four services and allows the entire process to be handled over just one port in the firewall. For more information on secure remote access from HOB, please see HOB RD VPN.

HOBLink Secure Solution

Hot Key Support

Hot keys are shortcut key combinations for certain common functions within the Terminal Server session, such as switching between applications. When used correctly, they can significantly speed up handling.

Load Balancing at No Extra Cost!

Load balancing is a critical function for enterprises employing server farms (groups of Windows Terminal Servers). The load balancing component in the server farm is designed to optimally distribute the load among the different Windows Terminal Servers. Ideally, it lets you control the distribution of the workload to the servers in the farm as your needs dictate. Besides providing improved performance, this leads to better protection against system failures – when a server connection is interrupted a re-connect is made to the next available server. 
With HOBLink JWT, you get true load balancing which actually measures the CPU load of each server. When one WTS goes down within a server farm, the client is connected to another WTS for signing on. Not every WTS in a farm must be configured the same. In addition, no “master browser” is needed, eliminating potential connection problems if it fails, and reducing the network “chatter” between servers.
And it's included as a standard feature with HOBLink JWT!!

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Application Serving

With this feature, a certain application can be started automatically at logon. The user then has access to this application only, instead of to the whole Windows desktop.

Session Shadowing

The administrator can “look in” on an active client session for “remote management” purposes or to give assistance to the user.

Worldwide Availability

Connections via phone lines, WAN and LAN are possible on the basis of TCP/IP. Due to the worldwide availability of the Internet, access from virtually any location is a given. This makes HOBLink JWT the ideal solution for companies that need to provide multi-user access to Windows applications anywhere in their enterprise network.

Reconnecting Disconnected Sessions 

Client sessions that have been disconnected – e.g. due to network failure – can be reconnected at the point where the interruption occurred. When the user restarts his session, he can continue working exactly where he stopped earlier. This function is operable with your existing server farms, too.

Installer for Mac OS X

HOBLink JWT also comes with an installation program for Mac OS X that provides the user with a dialog-controlled, and thus intuitive, installation of HOBLink JWT.

Extended Auto Log-on

HOBLink JWT can read the user name out of the system and use it when logging on to the Terminal Server. This saves the user from having to repeatedly enter his user-ID.


Key Features at a Glance 


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System Requirements

Window Terminal Server
HOBLink JWT is compatible with:


Web Server
HOBLink JWT can be installed on any Web server, regardless of the operating system.


Client Platforms
HOBLink JWT supports every Java-enabled platform, JDK 1.1 or higher. A JVM with Java 1.2 standard should be used on UNIX platforms. The only prerequisite on the client is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which can be installed with the browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.), or you can install the JVM that comes in the scope of delivery with JWT.  The client should have at least a 64-MB RAM. A Pentium processor with 200 MHz or more is also recommended.


Further Information on HOBLink JWT

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How to Purchase

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