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HOB SCS (Secure Communications Server)

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HOB SCS (Secure Communications Server) complements the security solution HOB RD VPN  with a stable, hardened operating system platform.

HOB Secure Communications Server gives you a simple, secure and efficient way to implement the security solution HOB RD VPN.

HOB Secure Communications Server is based on Open Source technology. When deployed together with  HOB SCS, HOB RD VPN has extra advantages in security, stability, performance and scalability.

The addition of HOB SCS makes the comprehensive security solution HOB RD VPN into a complete software appliance. HOB SCS has the benefits of an appliance solution, such as easy installation, administration and maintenance in connection with a secure and stable operating system.

As HOB SCS can be installed on the hardware of your choice, you get a definite advantage in comparison to hardware-based solutions. Contrary to hardware appliances, with HOB SCS the hardware on which it is installed can be updated or exchanged whenever and however you want. It is also especially well-suited for implementation as a virtualized solution.

HOB SCS is based on Open Source technology that has been tried and tested extensively. This software has been adapted and extended to ensure optimal operation of HOB RD VPN as regards security, performance and stability.

HOB SCS with HOB RD VPN has been successfully tested on a mid-priced server with 10,000 parallel sessions. Each of these 10,000 concurrent SSL sessions generated simulated RDP data traffic under realistic conditions.

Via an installation CD, both the open source-based operating system HOB SCS as well as the comprehensive security solution HOB RD VPN are installed in one operation. After just a few minutes you have a fully functional HOB RD VPN on a secure, hardened open source operating system at your disposal.

An important component of HOB SCS is HOBmin, a browser-based administration and configuration tool, which allows administrators easy and efficient control of the HOB SCS software. Administration tasks are carried out from the browser over HTTPS, i.e., SSL encrypted.

HOB Enterprise Access Administration (also known as HOB EA Admin), is a powerful, Java-based administration and configuration tool for HOB RD VPN, including the HOB Enterprise Access Server and the HOB WebSecureProxy (HOB WSP), the central core of HOB RD VPN.

These tools provide you with comprehensive remote administration of the entire HOB software appliance. Updates and patches, for both HOB SCS as well as for HOB RD VPN, can be easily installed and managed using the HOBmin administration tool.

HOB RD VPN has been certified in accordance with the Common Criteria by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik).

The HOB WSP uses SSL for encryption. HOB SSL supports all conventional encryption algorithms, including AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with up to 256 bit key lengths.

The HOB RD VPN configuration data are stored in the central administration component HOB Enterprise Access. HOB Enterprise Access can use either its own integrated database or save the data to an  LDAP server. HOB Enterprise Access supports all conventional LDAP servers as well as Microsoft Active Directory. When HOB Enterprise Access is configured to store data in an LDAP server, the required structures are created via a schema extension.

HOB SCS is available for the x86 (32 bit) und EM64T/AMD64 (64 bit) hardware platforms.

Single processor systems and multi processor systems with up to 64 CPUs are supported.


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